Sunday, September 26, 2010

"We Go To A Really Good Fish Restaurant In Gainesville Florida"

and we are sitting on the benches outside the Bonefish Grill waiting for the hostess to call us
it will be about fifteen minutes she said
we start talking with the fellow next to us he is from Daytona
a journalist
he looks Native American or Hispanic
he talks with a kind of I don’t know inner quiet
we say we’re retired teachers driving from Florida back to Vermont
what kind of journalism do you do I ask
I cover the courts and the police
it’s sometimes a downer I’ve been doing it for years
I ask how do you come down at the end of the week after all that heavy stuff
I just tell my boss don’t call me after 6:30 Friday night I am out of touch
the biggest case we had was a few years ago
six young people slaughtered beat up throats cut you would not believe it
and all over a bunch of video games
what I ask
yeah this guy was wanted for violation of parole the police went into his apartment
took him out
what am I going to do with all this stuff his landlady said all these video games and junk
just get it out of there the police said just throw it away whatever you want to do with it
well she had a niece living in one of her apartments seems like she gave some stuff to her
then the guy gets out on parole
busts into the niece’s apartment when she and her roommates are out
sees one game cd on the living room floor and just goes psycho
he is a real psychotic
he leaves waits gets two other thug buddies only seventeen and eighteen they go back one night
the niece her two roommates and three other friends are there
just having a good time
these three guys bust in and slaughter them
you would not believe it
we covered it so heavily never had a murder case like that before I did a lot of research up in New England Maine Rhode Island Vermont
ran a big spread one day on each of these six nice young people
a couple of them had worked at Burger King had come down to Gainesville to start their lives
got some roommates to share the apartment expenses
the others were just friends visiting can you imagine
he gives us his card:
Mauricio Gonzalez Reporter-Police/Courts The Daytona Beach News-Journal 901 6th St., P.O. Box 2831 Daytona Beach FL 32120-2831 tel 386-681-2557
but why did you travel so much up in New England covering this case
because the grandmother lived in Maine
and all the six young people were from Vermont
- - - -
our table was ready we went in
and had some really good grilled fish

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