Saturday, September 18, 2010

"We Could Be For Example"

could be for example
had we not been us
another thing
or scores of them

a museum
filled with let us say inanities
objects which in Diodorus’ time meant many things
but which today
for us
odd knobby bits cracked gashed edges
stone tongues what did they say
we do not care
they simply rest inside us

we could be
for example
having swallowed hors d’oeuvres of feldspar
perhaps porphyritic perhaps something else
and with a sleek sheen polished
we would simply reflect
when people looked upon and at us
they would not know what we were thinking

or even yes a thurible
upside down arcing almost orbit-like
whiffs of labdanum and sandarac
winding through the congregation
and they would smell the beatific
or think they do

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