Friday, September 24, 2010

"If You Built Something Very Big"

if you built something very big
very large
all dimensions blasted far out and away
as big as the engineering and construction and sweat capabilities
were capable of constructing
what would that mean I wonder

you look at the Olympeion in Akragas
O Megale Ellas
you folks were chomping at the bit
to build something so grand
and also chomping
to smash each other’s polis to pieces
at the drop of a hat
how does that all fit together
you think that the big column
twenty men holding hands needed just to circle around it
you think that in the end means something?

and you
baldacchino maker
when you twirled those giant columns
raised the Cathedra Petri so high up
on the mighty hands of those four fathers
and set the dove in the glass behind
is not what really matters
that light that light
that equally streams
over a single stone
far away?

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