Friday, September 24, 2010

"I Am Where I Am Now"

I am where I am now
moving through air through clear
as I move the streetscene
curves around me
a continuous
all around 360 degrees around
and the curve moves along with me

when the I that I am right now
is not here any more
maybe it will be in another part of this
maybe it will be in that large decorative stone
in front of the newly restored 1893
house on the corner
the one with the mauve shutters rust trim and gentle camel cream exterior walls
in that rock
ringed by shasta daisies in the hot summer air
the I that I will be then
will not have eyes like mine right now

but perhaps
through the grainy
layered strata of that fairly small rock
by the entry door
I will in some way
perceive myself
as I am walking now
down that street
this street
right now 

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