Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Which Of These Scrambled Words"

which of these scrambled words is least like the others
burbles the airplane magazine game page
do you mean
which of the words is least like anything at all
which of them is variously floating
in mind space

black chemical ink on cellulose fiber with a light slick coating
so that the printed airline logo gleams
at 32,000 feet
while that particular word over there
and this one over here
actually those physical objects
of black and cellulose
are hurtling along with us and our steel tube
trying to attain our spot of desire

what would be these words’ desires I wonder
do they even have them
basically squiggles impressed on the page
no meaning at all
if you come from Cefalu
and are being accustomed
to different squiggles entirely
the meaning
whatever it is
seems to be a link
kind of like an electric arc
from our mind
to the squiggle

these two things are glued together spiritwise
and that spirit-glue
is also
along with us
at one hundred kilometers per minute
to Miami International Airport

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