Saturday, August 21, 2010

"After the Key West Poetry Writing Seminar"

read it again, she says

you read the words and stop full stop reverse rewind replace again announce renounce

is there some other way to say the pulse and flash of ache aspire envelope (verb that is not noun) the Om-infused encompassing?

can you even mark the or tiptoe the or circumambulate the

words to be, thoughts to be avoided

Inisuch a serious seminar-place?

lest you be smirk-smitten, cliché-cajoled?

suspicious syllables such as soul, yearn, the-Viennese-whipped-cream-way-too-glucose-high-schlag-induced-Mahlerian Sehnsucht?

how tres uncool to dump them on the table

like an untrained puppy pooping on your host’s new Aubusson

in that air

above the table

in that hollow zone of sound which is more than sound not really sound at all more like a particle bit of what? light untouchable

in that space

you are aloft

at rest

and moving too

and not

in that still micro-point

between the magnet poles




like the anole’s eye

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